How to Mince Garlic, 3 Easy Ways



Method 1: Mince it Like an Onion

For the most uniform mince, slice each peeled clove the way you’d slice an onion. Begin by making several vertical cuts into the clove, almost to the base. Then make a few horizontal cuts into the clove.

Finish by cutting across the garlic. This way you’ll get like-sized pieces of garlic perfect for mixing into your dish. This method is especially useful if you’re using garlic in a raw recipe, such as a tasty bruschetta. Small, even pieces are easy to incorporate and won’t overpower anyone’s palate the way a large chunk of garlic might.

Method 2: Smash and Chop

To get a more rustic mince, press your knife down onto a garlic clove until it bursts open. You can press slowly with the heel of your hand, or feel to give it a good whack—just be careful! Once it’s smashed, rock the knife back and forth through the clove until it’s minced into small pieces.

This method works well for recipes that don’t require precise knife cuts, as in a classic marinara. This rough mince provides sauces and more with a lot of flavor without a lot of work.

Method 3: Try a Garlic Press

For the quickest and easiest mince, break out a garlic press. Simply pop a clove into the press, and squeeze! You’ll end up with perfectly pressed garlic for stirring into mashed potatoes and more.