My aunt and uncle always hosted Easter at their house.

We never even had to bring anything to eat, they had it handled. It was always nice going there knowing that I wasn’t responsible for any food. I like to make a dish to pass but it’s nice to get a break once in a while.

Well, last year, my uncle got pretty sick so they didn’t want to take on the responsibility. Me being me, stepped in and said that I would host the family. Then, I started to panic. Oh my goodness…what am I going to feed these people? I hadn’t budgeted to feed a group of 50 on a minutes notice.

Thankfully, I found this recipe on Group Recipes. It looked easy, the ingredients were cheap, and who doesn’t like chicken and stuffing? Granted, it wasn’t the big ham dinner we were used to getting, but I didn’t hear one complaint.

I tripled the recipe and served some extra sides and everything got cleaned right out. That was another bonus. No worrying about what to do with all the leftovers! I was happy to be able to provide for my family when they needed me. Hits you right in the feel goods!

This casserole is tasty for one, but for two, it’s really affordable to make. Whenever we are struggling with catching up on bills…mainly after buying presents for Christmas, birthdays, and when other unexpected costs creep in, I will always be sure to work this into the menu. The family doesn’t even realize that we are dining on a budget, and I don’t feel bad serving it to them. Instead of worrying about our budget, we get to spend a nice night enjoying one another around the dining table.

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